Bubbling Boulder Fountains are a new and unique way to bring a water feature to your home.  Verde Valley Nursery has a wide variety of options in stock  We also have an experienced fountain installation team that makes the process easy from start to finish.

Our Bubbling Boulders are featured with a high quality Mica Stone Boulder that are various size and shapes. They come in a single or double bubbler. We also use other Boulders like Zebra Rock, Kino Blue and Apache Brown. These Mica Boulders glisten in the sunlight and look like millions of small diamonds sparkling. They come in four variant shades of color, including, Black, Gree, White, and Pink. It will make a great entrance feature for your company.

This is a simple way to have a water feature on your property, without all the maintenance. The only requirement is electricity and water. They are virtually maintenance free.

Our installation process takes approximately 7-8 hours from start to finish.

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