Watering Guide

Summer Winter Quick Facts


Annual Flowers

– Water everyday

– Partial sun is best for most perennials

– Water every other day to 3x a week Planted in pot: Larger pots/ containers are more desirable

Bedding Flowers: Same watering requirements

Herbs – Water every other day – Water 3x a week/ If rain occurs, water less* – Best in larger pots
Euphorbia – Water once a week moderately – Water 2x a month thoroughly -Low water

-Shady area

-Best in large pot or in ground

-Protect from frost


Cacti and Agave


– Water one to two times a month – Water once a month – Afternoon shade is best if it is potted

– Baby and young specimen require more shade and a bit more water than larger, established ones

Succulents In a pot/container:

– Move to shade or inside

– Water 2-3x a month only

– You can put succulents out in ½

day sun

– Water 2x a month

– Overwatering is a common way of losing succulents

– If planting in ground, remember that critters eat them!

– Give good drainage, sandy cactus mix soil, shady under a big tree provides protection from frost in winter and sun in summer

– A micro-climate!

Citrus Trees -Water deeply 3x a week *newly planted*

-Water 1-2x a week *Established*

– Water 1-2x a week deeply – Requires good soil

– A lot of water

– Fertilize Labor Day, Valentine’s Day, and Memorial Day; for dwarf varieties in pots, increase watering requirements


– New/established shrubs require more frequent watering; Some native shrubs require less water

*We do not recommend shrubs for pots, other than lantanas

*Established means planted in for at least 3 years!

*Newly planted is about 1-2 years depending on the plant

– Water every day *newly planted*

– Water 3-4x a week *established*

– Water 3x a week *newly planted*

– Water 2x a week *established*

Palms – Water thoroughly every other day *newly planted*

-Longer duration during summer

– Water deeply once a week until water has reached a root depth of 3-5ft

– Approximately about 4 hours with hose on trickle

– Generally, not recommended for pots unless it’s a very large pot/container

– We don’t recommend queen palms for AZ

– Fertilize palms once a month with a good fertilizer March-September

– We recommend using liquid palm food fertilizer or manganese sulfate (manganese sulfate included in liquid palm food)

– Always deep water

– It’s almost impossible to overwater queen palms

Pines – Thoroughly 2x a month if established – Once a month – Afghan pines and Italian cypress are popular here but they get very large
Trees – Water every day *newly planted*

– Water 2-3x a week *established*

– Water 3x a week *newly planted*

– Water 1x a week *established*

-Don’t use granular fertilizer in containers unless it’s recommended or mixed properly with water

-Best to have separate zones (valves) 1,2,3,4, etc. for shrubs, citrus, trees, and pots

-For pots and containers use only good potting mix

-For in ground planting, always amend your soil/ground area! * we recommend composted mulch or Omni mix


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