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Lawn Mower Man
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Custom Design

This service includes an initial consultation and planning session, complete with professional suggestions and design schematics. We work together with each of our clients to guarantee satisfaction.


Our clients kept asking us for tips and advice, so we decided to offer them this service as a comprehensive solution to their needs. Our professional team works with you to create something tailored for your site and style.


Our talented team can help create the look and feel based on your specific preferences. Let us customize your design to best suit your particular space and lighting requirements.

In House Potting & Local Delivery

Our in house team offers planting services and local delivery. Whether you're looking for a gift for a loved one or a beautiful decor for your home, our team can pot your plants for you.

Plants, Pottery & Garden Supplies

We have a wide range of pottery, plants, flowers, cactus, trees, and everything you need to get your green thumb to work.

Travertine fountain


Our Travertine fountains are individually hand sculpted by Santa Fe artist Greg Robertson.

Every stone is unique and can be installed either in a “disappearing pond” style in-ground basin or in an above ground basin than can be placed on a patio or anywhere that we don’t dig a hole.

Basins are made by the artist and each fountain sits on a stainless steel stand that is bolted into either type of basin for ultimate safety. A flow valve is installed to control splash and sound and a float can usually be tied in to a water line or drip irrigation system to maintain the water level.

This is a simple way to have a water feature on your property without all the maintenance. The only requirement is electricity and water, they are virtually maintenance free!

Bubbling Boulder Fountains are a new and unique way to bring a water feature to your home.  Verde Valley Nursery has a wide variety of options in stock  We also have an experienced fountain installation team that makes the process easy from start to finish.

Our Bubbling Boulders are featured with a high quality Mica Stone Boulder that are various size and shapes. They come in a single or double bubbler. We also use other Boulders like Zebra Rock, Kino Blue and Apache Brown. These Mica Boulders glisten in the sunlight and look like millions of small diamonds sparkling. They come in four variant shades of color, including, Black, Gree, White, and Pink. It will make a great entrance feature for your company.

This is a simple way to have a water feature on your property, without all the maintenance. The only requirement is electricity and water. They are virtually maintenance free.

Our installation process takes approximately 7-8 hours from start to finish.

Bubbling boulder




The technology associated to turf has improved a lot in recent years.  There are many different variations of turf to choose from that now look more natural than ever before.  Turf brings a high quality play area for children and pets, while not costing anything with irrigation.


  • Reduces Runoff

  • Replenishes Air

  • Regulates Temperature / Cooling

  • Significant Savings in Watering Costs

  • No More Mowing!

  • Extremely Pet-Friendly and Anti-Microbial.

Contact our team today for a quote on turf installation.

Sod can be a great addition to your home whether it’s for your entire front or back yard, or just for a small area.  When getting ready for a sod installation it’s important to be sure that you have your irrigation plan prepared.


Our irrigation team will come out to your home and evaluate the best option to ensure longevity in your sod purchase.

Benefits of Sod:

  • Instant Luscious Lawn

  • Low Maintenance

  • Fast Use

  • Releases oxygen and cools the air

  • No weeds

  • Prevents soil erosion

sod install


Grow Your Vision

Our sister company, Verde Valley Landscaping offers a wide range of landscaping services for residential, HOA, and commercial properties. To learn more, click the link below.

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