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My bougainvillea has black dots and doesn’t look so great! What is happening to my bougainvillea?!

Healthy Bougainvillea Leaves

Unhealthy Bougainvillea Leaves

The cause of your bougainvillea looking non-pleasing is due to caterpillars! The black dots are from the caterpillar waste. This usually happens during monsoon season, around October- November.

Many people say, “well we don’t see any caterpillars on there.” This is because they hide in between the flowers and curl themselves up. But don’t worry!

This can be solved using malathion or thurcide, a highly concentrated liquid, that is to be mixed with approximately 1 gallon of water and 1 fl oz. of the concentrate. Another option could be Monterey BT that comes in ready to use in a spray or as a liquid concentrate. The diluted concentrate should be applied on the whole plant: the leaves, soil, stem, etc. as well as the soil only twice with a 10 day period in between.


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