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Top Full Sun Shrubs Verde Valley Nursery Carries

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

We carry these shrubs and more! Sizes may vary from 1 gal, 5 gal, or 15 gal.

Please note selection may vary depending on time of year.


  • Full sun

  • Moderate/High water

  • Attracts hummingbirds & butterflies

  • Upright Bush or Trailing Groundcover

  • Variety of colors including : pink, purple, white, yellow, red

Tecoma Sparky 'Tecoma Stans 'sparky'

Yellow Bells 'Tecoma Stans"

Bells of fire 'Tecoma Stans'

Cape Honeysuckle 'Tecomaria Capensis'

Oleanders 'Nerium Oleanders'


Red Mexican Bird of Paradise 'Caesalpinia Pulcherrima'

Red Valentine Emu 'Eromphila MaculataValentine'

Texas Sage 'Leucophyllum Frutescens'

Silver Cloud Sage 'Leucophyllum Candidum Silver Cloud'

Green Cloud Sage 'Leucophyllum Frutescens Green Cloud'

Green Hopbush 'Dodonaea Viscosa'

Coral Fountain Grass 'Russell Equisetiformis'

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