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When is the best time to start planting?

The ideal planting time is from September to April but this also depends on what you are trying to plant. If planting flowers, they can be planted anytime of the year because a lot of the flowers we carry are annual, with the exception of a few perennials.

Each season we bring in new flowers that grow well with the weather. For example, we start bringing in our winter/spring flowers around the end of September and they will last you all the way through May!

When summer hits, we have a different collection of flowers that tolerate heat such as vincas, as opposed to the winter/spring flowers that prefer a much cooler climate like geraniums.

When it comes to planting other types of plants, there are a variety of variables that come into consideration in regards to the type of shrub, cactus, tree, or agave you are planting, whether it’s a deciduous or evergreen, a perennial or annual, how much care you are going to be giving it during that time period, etc. Throughout the cooler months roots can grow, allowing the plants to establish before summer heat.


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