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How often do you water succulents and cacti and what should I do to properly maintain their care?

This all depends on the amount of light it is getting, whether its indoor or outdoor, the temperature, etc.

Generally however, cacti and succulents like to dry out in between watering. But, when it is time to water, soak the soil until water runs freely from the drainage holes. During the plants resting period which is usually around mid-late fall until the warmer days of spring, the water should be withheld.

Each time we water the plants, the surplus of water washes out some of the minerals that are in the soil which should be replaced. To replace it you can fertilize it with the main elements it needs to grow to be well nourished such as: nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, or sulfur.

During the growing season (between September- March) only feed the plant once a month or at every watering with a weakened solution. However, it is important not to fertilize during dormancy and not to feed the plants showing signs of illness.

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